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Record: oai:ARNO:317530

AuthorsM.V. Kakabadze, Ph.J. Hoedemaeker
TitleNew and less known Barremian-Albian Ammonites from Colombia
JournalScripta Geologica
AbstractTwenty-two species (among which six new ones) of the following Early Cretaceous ammonite genera are described: Crioceratites (C. leivaensis sp. nov.), Pedioceras (P. asymmetricum sp. nov.), Paracrioceras, Hamulinites, Karsteniceras (K. multicostatum sp. nov.), Hamiticeras (H. chipatai sp. nov.), Tonohamites, Ancyloceras, Pseudocrioceras, Pseudoaustraliceras, Ptychoceras, Colchidites, Protanisoceras [P. (P.) creutzbergi sp. nov.]. One new genus is proposed: Monsalveiceras gen. nov. (M. monsalvense sp. nov.). The Barremian and middle Aptian heteromorph assemblages show close affinities with synchronous assemblages of the Mediterranean Faunal Region.
Document typearticle
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