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Record: oai:ARNO:317542

AuthorL.D. Brongersma
Title[Rijksmuseum van Geologie en Mineralogie, 1878-1978 = The Rijks Museum for Geology and Mineralogy, 1878-1978 / P.C. Zwaan (editor)]: Rijksmuseum van Geologie en Mineralogie 1878 - 1978 : past, present, and future
JournalScripta Geologica
AbstractThe Past 38 Period before 1751 38 1751-1820 39 1820-1878 43 1878-1922 52 1922-1955 57 1955-1961 61 1961-1972 63 The Present (from 1972 onwards) 66 The Future 68 University teaching 70 Other teaching activities 72 The status and position of RGM 72 Acknowledgements 76 Notes 77 References 85 Appendix I 88 Appendix II 91 On the first of November, 1978, the Rijksmuseum van Geologie en Mineralogie (National Museum of Geology and Mineralogy), commemorated the day upon which, one hundred years ago, the first step was set on its way to independence. This gives occasion to review its past, its present state, as well as to try and look into its future. It will be evident that when discussing the present state and the possible future development of the museum (unless stated otherwise) the opinion given is that of the present author.
Document typearticle
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