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Record: oai:ARNO:317985

AuthorsA. Diakonoff, Y. Arita
TitleThree new species of the so-called Glyphipterigidae Auctorum from Japan (Lepidoptera)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe following pages contain descriptions of three new species of what has been formerly indicated as the "Glyphipterigidae auctorum", from Japan and Taiwan, almost simultaneously discovered by the first author in the Issiki Collection, now at the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, and collected by the second author in Japan.
The original material will be deposited in the two above named institutions.
The first author is obliged for the permission to retain some paratypes for the collection of the Leiden Museum. We are grateful to the authorities of the Washington Museum for the loan of the Issiki material.
The figures are by the second author.
One genus, Epicroesa Meyrick, is transferred to the Heliodinidae.
Nigilgia Walker Nigilgia Walker, 1863, List Lep. Ins. Brit. Mus., 28: 512.
Type species, Nigilgia adjectella Walker, 1863, ibidem: 512, by monotypy.
Head flattened fronto-caudally, smooth, face polished. Ocellus posterior, small. Haustellum developed, naked. Antenna thickened and minutely ciliate in male, less thickened in female, under 1/2, obtusely pointed. Maxillary palpus rudimentary, 2-segmented. Labial palpus short, hardly exceeding face, porrected and appressed to head, flattened laterally and smooth-scaled, with a slight fringe below, apical segment shorter than median, moderately pointed. Orbits with a fringe of stiff distant white hair-scales. Collar broad.
Thorax smooth. Abdomen normal, with tortricoid articulation.
Fore wing oblong-subrectangular, rather broad, costa almost straight, hardly concave in middle, faintly prominent at 2/3, hardly curved thence, apex obtusely subrectangular, termen gently convex, moderately oblique; a
Document typearticle
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