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Record: oai:ARNO:318003

AuthorM. Boeseman
TitleOn a small collection of Surinam fishes
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractA collection of Surinam fishes, all probably collected in the neighbourhood of Paramaribo during the late autumn of 1952, was kindly presented to the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden by the direction of the Rotterdam Zoological Garden „Blijdorp".
The collection contains some 800 specimens, the examination of which yielded sufficiently interesting results to justify the present publication.
Curimatopsis macrolepis Steindachner 1 ex., neighbourhood of Paramaribo, standard length 26 mm (caudal fin damaged).
This species was already known from the lower regions of the Surinam River and the Marowini River.
Curimatus copei Fowler Curimatus copei Fowler, 1906, p. 301, fig. 7. 1 ex., neighbourhood of Paramaribo, standard length 10.4 cm (caudal fin slightly damaged).
The specimen is in a reasonably good condition and hardly differs from Fowler's extensive description of the present species; moreover, some of the aberrant characters show a much closer agreement with Fowler's figure which, in some respects, slightly disagrees from his text. On account of this, only the differing characters are given.
Body slightly more slender, the predorsal hump less developed (sexual character?), depth about 3 in standard length. About 24 scales before dorsal.
Snout about 4 in head (as in Fowler's figure). Interorbital space 2.8 in head. Mouth roof with two moderate ridges, converging rostrad. Gill rakers
Document typearticle
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