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Record: oai:ARNO:318157

AuthorH.C. Blöte
TitleA new cotton-stainer (Heteroptera, Pyrrhocoridae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractDysdercus mendesi nov. spec.
Dysdercus spp. 1936, Mendes, L.O.T., Boletim Technico N. 23, Institute Agronomico de Campinas, II, Os "Manchadores" do Algodao, p. 4 pl. I—II.
This species is rather similar to D. columbicus m. and to D. brevis m.; the whitish annulation to the ultimate antennal joint is usually indistinct, the pronotum shows no black transverse stripe behind. The third joint of the tarsi, however, is not lighter than the second, the general form is more elongate, the pronotum less broad, the antennae are slightly longer and the membrane is darker, especially at the base.
The structure of the male genital segment differs from that of D. columbicus in showing a less pronounced inflexion in the apical edge, the protuberant parts less angular, the transverse furrow on the disk of the segment widened in the middle, ill-defined there. The segment shows a transverse streak of long, soft hairs.
From D. brevis on the other hand the species differs in showing a somewhat deeper impression in the apical edge of the male genital segment, and showing more evidently a transverse impression on its disk. Moreover in D. brevis the disk is more swollen under the apical edge, and the protruding parts of the apical edge are sligthly more distant from each other.
Also from this species D. mendesi is distinct by its narrower thorax, and by the whitish annulation of the fourth joint of the antennae.
Length of the ♂: 10—12 mm; of the ♀ : 12 1/2—14 1/4 mm.
On cotton; Campinas January 1936, L. O. T. Mendes, one ♂ and one ♀ Holo- and Allotype; and 13 ♂♂ and 13 ♀♀ Paratypes, representatives of laboratory breeding experiments of the collector.
Document typearticle
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