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Record: oai:ARNO:318219

AuthorD. Bakker
TitleRevision of the Amathusiidae in the Museums at Leiden and at Amsterdam
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractBesides the Amathusiidae in the general collection the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden possesses a considerable number of representatives of the group, in excellently preserved specimens, in the collection of the late Mr. J. H. Jurriaanse. Moreover I could study the Amathusiidae in the collection of the Zoological Laboratory at Groningen, at present in the custody of the Leiden Museum. After I had completed my work at Leiden I had an opportunity to examine the material of the group in the Zoologisch Museum at Amsterdam, which, besides the general collection of the Society "Natura Artis Magistra" consists of the collections of the late Messrs. A. Mos and P. J. van den Bergh. In the following pages the different collections at Leiden are indicated by L., J., and G., those at Amsterdam by A., M., and B. respectively. I want to express my thanks to the directors of the two Museums, Prof. H. Boschma at Leiden and Prof. L. F. de Beaufort at Amsterdam for giving me the opportunity to study the material. Further I am indebted to Dr. C. de Jong of the Leiden Museum, who at my request made the photographs and drawings of the male genitals of a number of specimens, reproduced in the present paper. 1. Subfamilia AMATHUSIINAE F. Moore, 1893 1. Genus Amathusia J. C. Fabr., 1807 Amathusia phidippus phidippus (Johans., 1764) L. 1 ♂ Batavia, 1916. 1 ♂ Batavia, 11 Dec. 1 ♂ Batavia, Dec. 1 ♂ Batavia, 9-5-'24. 1 ♂ Batavia, 23-5-'24. 1 ♂ Buitenzorg, July 1909, H. W. v. d. Weele. 1 ♂ Buitenzorg, 8-8-'09, H. W. v. d. Weele. 2 ♂♂ Weltevreden, 25-10-'12, D. van Mullem. 1 ♂ Bandoeng, W. Java, 9 July. 1 ♂ Bandoeng, Java, 20-7-'12, Oudemans. 3 ♂♂ Garoet, Java, 13-4-'93,
Document typearticle
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