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Record: oai:ARNO:318239

AuthorE. Meyrick
TitleNew Micro-Lepidoptera
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractSupplementary to my previous paper, the present contains 3 new genera and 25 new species, mostly from Java, described from material in the collection of 's Rijks Museum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden.

Paramorpha glandulata n. sp. ♂ 16 mm. Head white. Palpi dark fuscous, internally white. Thorax brown-whitish. Forewings elongate, costa slightly arched, apex pointed, termen faintly sinuate, rather strongly oblique; white; a brown basal patch irrorated with black, edge running from 1/5 of costa to 1/5 of dorsum, nearly straight; an elongate blackish spot on costa at 2/5, some brownish-ochreous suffusion beneath and beyond this; a blackish dot on costa just beyond middle; a small black dot in disc at 1/3 ; small round black spots towards costa before and beyond middle; median portion of wing suffused greyish, limited posteriorly by an anteriorly suffused blackish streak from 4/5 of costa to 3/4 of dorsum; a blackish dot on costa towards apex: cilia ochreous-whitish. Hindwings whitish; an elongate yellowochreous glandular spot on lower margin of cell towards base; cilia whitish.
Java, Preangor, 5000 feet (Sythoff); one specimen.
Heterogymna chorospila n. sp. ♀ 28 mm. Head white. Palpi dark fuscous, terminal joint and apex of second white. Thorax white, a small dark fuscous spot on shoulder.
Forewings elongate, somewhat dilated, costa gently arched, apex obtuse, termen obliquely rounded; grey-whitish; base white, black subbasal spots in middle and near dorsum, and costal edge blackish towards base; a small semioval black spot on costa at 1/3, large black white-edged dots
Document typearticle
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