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Record: oai:ARNO:318288

AuthorG.C.A. Junge
TitleNew subspecies of birds from New Guinea
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractA full report on the birds collected during the expedition of the "Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap,, to the Wissel Lake district in 1939 will appear in "Nova Guinea". Publication of this report is delayed, however, and therefore short descriptions of the new subspecies, which were found during the work on this collection, are given here.
Rallus pectoralis connectens nov. subspec.
In the colour of the upper parts connectens agrees with alberti from
New Guinea, it differs, however, by the paler breast and less blackish abdomen and in the larger size, especially of the bill. The difference with mayri from the Arfak Mountains is, that the upper parts in connectens are more overflown with reddish brown and that, on an average, the latter has smaller wing measurements. Connectens differs from the recently described captus, which I have not seen, by longer bill. Culmen cf cf captus 32-34.5, connectens 34-41 mm; 99 captus 29-34, connectens 32-37 mm.
Type: cf, Paniai, 4-11-1939 (R.M.N.H. Leiden, reg. no. 19267).
Porzana pusilla mayri nov. subspec.
The occurrence of Porzana pusilla in New Guinea is a new record. This new race is nearest to palustris from Australia, but differs by smaller size.
Wing palustris 80-85, wayri 76-79 mm.
Type: tf, Paniai, 4-11-1939 (R.M.N.H. Leiden, reg. no. 19267).
Ptilinopus viridis pseudogeelvinkianus nov. subspec.
Birds from Meosnum were till now included into geelvinkianus, which race occurs also on Numfor and Biak. They differ, however, by larger wing and heavier bills. The type locality of geelvinkianus is restricted here to Numfor.
Wing geelvinkianus tfc? 106-113, 99 106-no mm; pseudogeelvinkianus
Document typearticle
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