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Record: oai:ARNO:318372

AuthorA.C. van Bruggen
TitleNeosciara Wendalinae, an interesting new Nematoceron from the Netherlands (Diptera, Lycoriidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn the course of the year 1954 I received for identification a little Nematoceron belonging to the family Lycoriidae (Sciaridae). After a careful examination of the material and the literature I arrived at the conclusion that my specimens represented a hitherto undescribed species. It belongs to the genus Neosciara Pettey, 1918 (sensu Lengersdorf, 1930 and Frey, 1942).
There is some confusion about the naming and delimitation of the genera in the subfamily Lycoriinae. The four most important opinions are : I. Lengersdorf (1930) : Genus Lycoria Meigen, 1800, syn. Saara Meigen, 1803, Gruppe I (no name, veins cu and m with bristles) and Gruppe
Neosciara Pettey, 1918 (cu and m bare).
II. Séguy (1940) : Genus Lycoria Meigen, 1800 (cu and m with bristles) and S ciara Meigen, 1803 (veins cu and m bare).
III. Frey (1942) : Genus Sciara Meigen, 1803, syn. Lycoria Meigen, 1800 (cu and m with bristles) and genus Neosciara Pettey, 1918 (cu and m without bristles).
IV. Frey (1948): Genus Sciara Meigen, 1803 (cu and m with bristles) and genus Bradysia Winnertz, 1867, containing the subgenus Neosciara Pettey, 1918.
The character concerning the bristles on the veins cu and m is very important for distinguishing these genera. When summarizing the above opinions we find that the species with bristles on cu and m have been named Lycoria Meigen, 1800 = Sciara Meigen, 1803 (Lengersdorf, 1930) ; Lycoria Meigen, 1800 (Séguy, 1940) ; Sciara Meigen, 1803 = Lycoria Meigen, 1800 (Frey, 1942, 1948). The species lacking setae on the veins cu and m have been named Neosciara Pettey, 1918 (Lengersdorf, 1930, Frey, 1942) ; Sciara
Document typearticle
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