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Record: oai:ARNO:318384

AuthorC.L. Collenette
TitleA new genus and five new species of Lymantriidae
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractBy courtesy of the Director of 's Rijks Museum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden, I have received a number of eastern Lymantriidae for determination.
From among these, four species from N. Celebes and one from W. Java are hereinafter described as new.
RIDGWAY'S Color Standards and Color Nomenclature 1912 has been employed in the colour descriptions and the Comstock-Needham system for the wing neuration. 1. Porthesia argyrochila sp. nov. ♀. Palpus pale orange yellow. Antenna tawny olive. Head and thorax warm buff to light orange yellow. Abdomen drab above and beneath, anal tuft pale orange yellow. Pectus and legs pinkish buff, mixed on tibia and tarsus of foreleg and tibia of middle leg with light orange yellow. Forewing warm buff, grading to antimony yellow along the costa and in the terminal area; the whole wing except along the costa and in the terminal area irrorated thickly with bistre; a preterminal fascia, continued round the tornus and along the inner margin to one-half, broken at the veins, dark in some lights and giving in others a metallic silvery reflection; fringe warm buff. Hindwing drab, somewhat lighter along the termen; fringe light buff. Underside of both wings, and fringes, drab to tawny olive.
Expanse: ♀♀ 30—34mm. 1 ♀ (holotype) and 1 ♀ (paratype) Goeroepahi, N. Celebes, July 1917, W. KAUDERN. Also, in the British Museum ex Oberthür collection, 1 ♀ taken between Maros and Tjamba, S. W. Celebes,
Document typearticle
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