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Record: oai:ARNO:318390

AuthorM.A. Lieftinck
TitleTwo new species of Podolestes selys from Borneo, with a key for the identification of the known species (Odonata, Megapodagriidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe genus Podolestes, as far as at present known, is confined to the Malaysian subregion of the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Descriptions and drawings of structural details of four species are to be found in two of the writer's previous papers on Malaysian dragonf lies, viz.: New and little known Odonata of the Oriental and Australian Regions.
Treubia, 15, 1935: 177-183, fig. 1-3.
Descriptions and records of South-East Asiatic Odonata (II). Ibid. 17, 1940: 347-350, fig. 4-5.
The species of Podolestes have been found in marshes and along muddy creeks flowing through wooded areas in low country. Owing to their retiring habits the insects are but seldom encountered and all species are rare in collections. Little or nothing is known of their life-histories, and the larva is still unknown.
The six known members of the genus, two of which are here described for the first time, may be distinguished by the following Key to the species. 1. Dorsum of thorax uniform metallic bronzy black. Labrum, mandibles and genae shiny black. Ante-alar triangles bronzy-black, unmarked. Nervure Ac situated much nearer Ax2 than Ax1; nervure Ab complete, meeting Ac at the wing-margin. Quadrilateral short, markedly widened distally, costal and distal sides approximately equal in length in fore wing. Three to four postquadrangular antenodal cells. Male anal appendages of slender build, blackish in colour; superior pair a trifle longer than the inferiors; apex of inf. app. expanded, truncated and slightly notched 2. —. Dorsum of thorax with two pairs of light-coloured spots on mesepisternum, and sides with an oblique band extending from below the spiracle upwards as far as the dorsal
Document typearticle
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