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Record: oai:ARNO:318593

AuthorJ.T. Wiebes
TitleRevision of the Agaonidae described by J. Risbec, and notes on their Torymid Symbionts (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractAfter having given for publication my report on the West African Agaonidae (Wiebes, 1969b), I received on loan the type specimens of several species described by J. Risbec (1951a, b; 1954a, b). A few lines on the results of the study of these specimens could be incorporated in the proof of my paper previously mentioned. Formal type designations and some additional remarks on the Agaonidae described by Risbec (1955, 1956) from East Africa and Madagascar, are given in the present note. A summary is presented in table 1 (page 8).
During a short visit to the Muséum National d'Histoire naturelle at Paris (abbreviated MP in the text), I could study some more slides of the Agaonidae, and examples of the greater part of the Torymidae Sycophaginae described or recorded by Risbec (1951a, b; 1956, 1957). Preliminary notes and remarks upon these Torymidae conclude the present report.
I acknowledge the assistance of Dr. J. R. Steffan, of the Paris Museum, who sent on loan most of the material recorded in this paper. Dr. R. M, Quentin (ORSTOM, Bondy, France) sent on loan specimens of the species from Madagascar; Dr. K. J. Joseph (Karnatak University, India) sent the type of Ceratosolen longicornis Joseph.
Agaon paradoxum Dalman Agaon paradoxum; Risbec, 1954b : 1086 ( ♀, Ivory Coast, Adiopodoumé); Wiebes, 1968b: 354 (full bibliography); Wiebes, 1969b: 452 (♀, Ivory Coast, Bingerville and Divo, several data in 1962-1964, at light).
Blastophaga Villiersi Risbec, 1954a: 538-540, fig. 3a-c (descr. ♀, Senegal, Dakar, 29.vii.1952, at light); Wiebes, 1961: 237 (in Agaon Dalman); Wiebes, 1968b: 354 (catalogue); Wiebes, 1969b: 451 (synonym of Agaon paradoxum Dalman).
Document typearticle
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