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Record: oai:ARNO:318598

AuthorG.C.A. Junge
TitleScientific results of the Surinam expedition 1948-1949 : Part II. Zoology No. 3. Birds
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractDuring the Scientific Surinam Expedition 1948-1949 Mr. P. H. Creutzberg collected only a few specimens of birds, which came in the Leiden Museum. Most of the collected birds belong to species well known from Surinam as Butorides striatus, Piaya cayana, Rhynchocyclus flaviventris.
Others like Leucopternis albicollis are not exceptionally rare. One species, however, proved to be new for Surinam. It is of interest to mention it here together with some other species, rarely recorded from Surinam, collected by Mr. W. C. van Heurn in 1911 and by Mr. H. A. Boon in 1901.
Leucopternis melanops Lath.
A specimen (♀) of the Black-Faced Hawk was collected by Mr. W. C. van Heurn at Guyana Goudplacer on October 9, 1911. Guyana Goudplacer is situated on the railroad about 100 km from the coast, approximately at 5° 15' N and 55° 27' W. Kappler in his book "Holländisch-Guiana" (1881, p. 164) gives a list of the birds, which he collected for the Stuttgart Museum.
In this list he also mentions this species, but other records of specimens from Surinam seem to be lacking. The measurements are: wing 238, tail 156, culmen from cere 22, tarsus 63 mm.
Spizaëtus ornatus (Daudin) A specimen of Mauduit's Hawk-Eagle was shot at the plantation Johanna Catharina on the Saramacca River by Mr. Bosch Reitz on September 22, 1911. It was included in the collection that Mr. van Heurn sent to the Leiden Museum in 1911. Mr. van Heurn reports that it is a rare species in Surinam. It was only recorded by Kappler in his above mentioned list.
Measurements: wing 372, tail 264, culmen from cere 33, tarsus 100, hind toe without claw 40 mm. Wing/tail index 70.9. The specimen was unsexed
Document typearticle
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