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Record: oai:ARNO:318690

AuthorM.A. Lieftinck
TitleOn some old types of Coenagriinine Odonata described from the Philippine Islands, with notes on allied species
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe present paper is the result of an examination of some type specimens in the Brussels Museum, collected by G. Semper in the Philippines and described by Friedrich Brauer in 1868; it includes also a discussion of one species recorded from these islands by Edm. de Sélys Longchamps in the last part of his "Synopsis des Agrionines", in 1877. These were rendered accessible to study during my visit to Brussels in June, 1938, by Mons.
Antoine Ball, at that time entomologist of the Musée Royal d'Histoire Naturelle. Through his kindness I was permitted afterwards to borrow the types for further study and to keep them for almost twenty years. This enabled me to make comparisons with certain species included in a splendid collection of Philippine dragonflies in the Senckenberg Museum, sent to me on loan in 1938 ; these had been assembled by G. Boettcher, many years in advance, in behalf of the late Dr. F. Ris, whose collection was bequeathed to the Natur-Museum Senckenberg, Frankfurt a. M.
Of the six species of Amphicnemis and Teinobasis described by Brauer and de Sélys, only three were represented in the Boettcher collection, the rest belonging either to undescribed forms, or might prove identical with some species or other recorded by J. G. Needham & M. K. Gyger, in their account (1939) of the Zygoptera of the Philippines.
Judging by the great number of apparently undescribed species at present available for study, each of the Philippine islands has developed an astonishingly rich and diversified zygopterid fauna. Among the species pertaining to such genera like Drepanosticta, Risiocnemis, Amphicnemis and Teinobasis, several were found to approach each other so closely that detailed descriptions and accurate camera lucida drawings of morphological features are
Document typearticle
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