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Record: oai:ARNO:318708

AuthorR.B. Williams
TitleNomenclator Actinologicus seu Indices Ptychodactiariarum, Corallimorphariarum et Actiniarianum comprising indexes of the taxa, synonyms, authors and geographical distributions of the sea anemones of the world included in Professor Oskar Carlgren's 1949 survey
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsCnidaria; Anthozoa; Ptychodactiaria; Corallimorpharia; Actiniaria; world survey; indexes; nomenclature; authors; geographical distribution; Professor Oskar Carlgren
AbstractIn 1949, the late Professor Oskar Carlgren of Lund, Sweden, published a bibliographical survey of the sea anemones of the world, comprising 42 families, 201 genera and 848 species. The survey is an essential starting point for any taxonomic or zoogeographical work on sea anemones. However, the enormous wealth of information that it contains is difficult to extract, because of the lack of adequate indexation. Indexes have therefore been prepared to increase the usefulness of the survey. They are: I, Nomenclatural; II, Authors; III, Geographical. Two appendixes give details of new nominal taxa and nomina nuda published in the survey. No attempt has been made to correct or revise the results of Carlgren's survey: the objective is solely to facilitate the extraction of information.
Document typearticle
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