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Record: oai:ARNO:318780

AuthorL.J. Toxopeus
TitleOn two Appias species from Celebes and a note regarding Delias sthenobaea (Boisd.) (Rhopalcera, Pieridae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractPart of the butterfly collection of Mr. P. Zondervan, who died in a Japanese camp, was saved from destruction during the Japanese occupation and the post-war troubles and finally came into my hands. The material is for the greater part still in an excellent condition and contains many interesting forms. The number of specimens is small, as it was Mr. Zondervan's habit to mount only one pair of any new species he collected. The bulk so remained in papers and these all got lost.
Here follows an account of some interesting Pieridae.
Appias (paulina) urania (Wall.) Tachyris urania, Wallace, "Eastern Pieridae", Trans. ent. Soc. 6 (3) 3 (1867), Tondano, mountains of N. Celebes (♂).
Appias urania, Martin, D. ent. Zeits. Iris, 91, 1919. 1 ♂, Tondano, 17.7.1939, 1 ♀, Tondano, 9.1937; 1 ♂, var. albata Hopff., Tondano, 22.12.1939.
The ♀ seems to be very rare, though it shows up in rather good numbers in other places of the paulina area in the favourable season, which is at the end of the wet monsoon.
It would have been waste of paper to mention these captures, were it not that Mr. Zondervan captured another ♂ specimen of the paulina complex which is so deviating from the above that anybody first seeing it would conceive it as belonging to a distinct species. It represents the leis (Hbn.) group of paulina (Cram.) in the Celebes district, just as urania Wall., together with some local races from the Lesser Sunda Is., is the general representative in the Archipelago. In other words, there has been some overlapping in Celebes, and one more species duplex must be added to the
Document typearticle
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