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Record: oai:ARNO:318793

AuthorW.Ph.J. Hellebrekers
TitleFurther notes on the Penard oölogical collection from Surinam
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn a previous paper (Hellebrekers, 1942) I stated my intention to give some more details on imperfectly known eggs, based on material of the collection of the Penard's. The description of these hitherto imperfectly known or incorrectly described eggs will be strongly aided by the coloured plate accompanying the present paper, this plate represents a number of eggs of four species of birds from Surinam, of each species such eggs are figured as to show the variation in shape and colour. Moreover I have the opportunity to give a number of corrections concerning some of the data given in my previous paper. When the latter appeared I sent a copy to Mr.
M. Schönwetter, one of the foremost living authorities in oölogy, asking him for a critical comment on my paper. Mr. Schönwetter kindly took a great deal of trouble to verify my statements and he could point out that among the data in my paper there are a number of mistakes and misprints regarding weights and measurements. Whilst in the following pages I give the necessary corrections to my previous paper I want to express my sincerest thanks to Mr. Schönwetter for drawing my attention to these mistakes.
In all the cases where doubt might arise concerning the data in my previous paper I have taken new measurements and weights. Behind the name of each species dealt with below I have cited the page on which the species was mentioned in my previous paper.
Dendrocygna autumnalis discolor Scl. & Salv. (1. c, p. 241). I have already drawn attention to the fact that among these eggs there are a number which show a pronounced gloss whilst others are nearly glossless.
The different sets show the following data:
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