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Record: oai:ARNO:318825

AuthorC. de Jong
TitleOrthopterological notes III : The Phyllophorinae (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) in Mr. Willemse's Collection (Eijgelshoven, Limburg) and in the Natuurhistorisch Museum, Rotterdam
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn 1946, after the war, I had the opportunity again to visit my friend Mr. C. Willemse, and to study the Phyllophorinae in his collection. At the same time I could examine two specimens from the Rotterdam Museum, belonging to the subfamily, which had been sent to him for identification.
Especially these last mentioned two specimens are very interesting, the one being the still unknown ♂ of Sasima areolata Bol., the second a somewhat aberrant ♀ specimen of Phyllophora keyica Brunner v. Watt.
For the literature I may refer to Orthopterological Notes II (De Jong, 1946). The sequence of the species is according to Karny (1924) Sasima spinosa Brunner von Wattenwyl Mr. C. Willemse's Collection: New Guinea: 1 ? (abdomen damaged).
Sasima lactuca Bolívar Mr. C. Willemse's Collection: New Guinea: 1 ♂, Sattelberg, leg. H. Rolie.
Sasima areolata Bolívar Mr. J. H. Jurriaanse's Collection, in Rotterdam Museum: New Guinea: 1 ♂, Roon Island, N. of New Guinea (plesioallotype).
In the general characters the specimen belongs to Sasima. In Karny's key it runs to S. areolata Bol. of which the ♀ was known in only one adult specimen (Bolívar, 1903) and one immature specimen (Griffini, 1908).
According to the shape and armament of the pronotum, the shape of the elytra, and the transverse wrinkles on the dorsal surface of the femora, the present ♂ should undoubtedly be reckoned to areolata. However, there are some differences with the ♀. In the ♀ the armament of the pronotum
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