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Record: oai:ARNO:318856

AuthorJ.G. de Man
TitleDiagnoses of new species of macrurous decapoda crustacea from the Siboga-expedition
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractPasiphaea propinqua n. sp.
Stat. 100. 6° 11' N., 120° 37'.5 E. Off the Sulu Islands. 450 m. (Chart).
Bottom dead coral. 1 male.
Closely allied to Pasiphaea sivado (Risso). Carapace measuring onethird the length of the abdomen. Front triangular, subacute, projecting as much forward as the obtuse, outer orbital angles. Antennular prominence rounded and separated from the branchiostegal spine by a deeper sinus than from the outer orbital angle; antero-lateral angle of the carapace broadly rounded, branchiostegal sinus shallow and making an obtuse angle with the lower margin of the carapace. Carapace rounded dorsally, without ridges or carinae on the lateral sides. Anterior dorsal tooth mutilated.
First and 5th abdominal terga rounded, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th slightly carinate, the 6th segment, which is one and a half as long as the 5th and about one and a half as long as broad, sharply carinate dorsally, the carina terminating in a small acute tooth, which is directed downward. Telson one-fifth shorter than 6th segment, deeply grooved dorsally; the tip triangular, prominent, half as long as broad at the outer angles and armed probably on either side with 4 spines.
Eyes blackish or slate-coloured, little enlarged, eyestalks hardly reaching beyond the middle of basal antennular article. Antennular peduncle reaching a little beyond the middle of the distance between the orbital margin of the carapace and the apex of the scaphocerite; 3rd segment a little longer than 2nd. Scaphocerite a little more than half as long as the carapace, 4-times as long as broad, distinctly narrowing anteriorly.
Document typearticle
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