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Record: oai:ARNO:318864

AuthorL.D. Brongersma
TitleOn fossil remains of a hyaenid from Java
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractFossil remains of a hyaenid were discovered at Kedoeng Broeboes, Kebon Doeren and Tegoean by Prof. Eug. Dubois during his palaeontological searches in Java. These remains have been mentioned in literature as Hyaena felina (Dubois, 1891, pp. 94, 95; Anonymus, 1891, p. 14), but later they were described as belonging to a distinct species, Hyaena bathygnatha (Dubois, 1908, p. 1265). Recently von Koenigswald (1935, p. 68, figs. 3, 4) described two lower fourth premolars of a hyaenid from Sangiran, Java, which he considered to be identical with Hyaena sinensis Owen; provisionally von Koenigswald referred H. bathygnatha to the synonymy of H. sinensis. As the original description of Hyaena bathygnatha does not contain much positive information on the types (neither measurements nor figures were given), they are redescribed in the following notes, and as far as this is possible Hyaena bathygnatha is compared with related species.
I am greatly indebted to Prof. Dr. Eug. Dubois for entrusting me with this valuable material. My special thanks are also due to Dr. Birgir Bohlin, Universitets Palaeontoligska Institution, Upsala, for the loan of specimens of Crocuta sinensis (Owen).
The following specimens are preserved in the Collection Dubois.
Reg.no. 2573, mandible, Kebon Doeren (pl. XIII figs. 4, 9, 13). The left ramus has the processus coronoideus, the condylus, and the tip of the processus angularis broken off; the symphysis is damaged, the incisivi are lost; of the canine only the root is preserved; P1 absent; P2 and P3 present, much worn; P4 much worn, damaged anteriorly; M1 much worn, damaged both anteriorly and posteriorly. Of the right ramus only the anterior part is
Document typearticle
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