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Record: oai:ARNO:318871

AuthorC. van Achterberg
TitleRevision of the European Helconini (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Helconinae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsBraconidae; Helconinae; Helconini; keys; distribution; European; Helcon; Helconidea; Wroughtonia
AbstractThe European genera and species of Helconini (Braconidae: Helconinea) are keyed and partly illustrated. The genus Helconidea Viereck, 1914 is excluded from the genus Wroughtonia Cameron, 1899, Helconidea meridionalis spec. nov. is described, and the remaining Palaearctic species of Wroughtonia are keyed. Lectotypes are designated for Ichneumon redactor Thunberg, 1822; I. distensor Thunberg, 1822; I. nunciator Fabricius, 1793; Pimpla dentator Fabricius, 1804; Helcon femoralis Thomson, 1892 and Helcon tardator Nees, 1814. Additional proposed combinations: Helcon angustator Nees, 1814 stat. nov. (Syn. nov.: Ichneumon redactor Thunberg, 1822; I. distensor Thunberg, 1822; Helcon lignator Lepeletier de St. Fargeau & Audinet-Serville, 1827; H. cylindricus Wesmael, 1835), Helcon nunciator (Fabricius, 1793) comb. nov. (Syn. nov.: Helcon pedalis Cresson, 1873; Helcon femoralis Thomson, 1892); Helconidea dentator (Fabricius, 1804) comb. nov. (Syn. nov.: Helcon armator Marshall, 1897); H. ruspator (Linnaeus, 1758) comb, nov.; Wroughtonia cornuta (Cameron, 1886) stat. nov. Finally a neotype is designated for Helcon angustator Nees, 1814.
Document typearticle
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