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Record: oai:ARNO:318973

AuthorJ.T. Wiebes
TitleIndo-Malayan and Papuan fig wasps (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) : 4. Agaonidae from Ficus section Adenosperma
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractWhen I published my review of the host preferences of the Agaonidae (Wiebes, 1963: 92-106, tables 2-3), the pollinator wasps of two sections of the subgenus Ficus L. were not yet known. From Ficus tsiangii Merrill, the only species of section Sinosycidium Corner, I still did not see any fig wasps, but earlier this year Mr. E. J. H. Corner sent two samples of wasps from figs of the other section, Adenosperma Corner. Both samples, from Ficus adenosperma Miquel and Ficus verticillaris Corner, contained species of Ceratosolen Mayr related to the wasps from section Sycocarpus Miquel subsections Auriculisperma Corner, Theophrastoides Corner 1) and Papuasyce Corner. When more species of the same facies become known, it may be necessary to create a new species group for their reception. For the time being, they are placed in the Ceratosolen armipes-group.
A note on the tarsal protuberances in the males as a group character in Ceratosolen, follows the descriptions of the species.
Ceratosolen adenospermae nov. spec. (fig. 1-16) Material. — Series ♂, ♀, Lae, Terr. New Guinea, 17.vi.1964, ex Ficus adenosperma Miquel var. chaetophora (Warburg) Corner (leg. et det. E. J. H. Corner); coll.
no. 725; holotype ♂, slide no. 725a; allotype ♀, no. 725d; paratypes ♂, ♀, nos. 725b, c, e.
Description. — Male. Head (fig. 3) longer than wide (2 : 1), and less depress than usual in the genus. The anterior part, both dorsally and ventrally, with sparse, small, spine-like hairs. Eyes small, rather close to the insertions of the mandibles. Epistomal margin tridentate, the lateral lobes more prominent than the mid lobe. Antennal grooves closed. Antenna (fig. 15) four-segmented; the scape (2:1) approximately twice as long as the pedicel and a little wider; the penultimate segment as wide as the pedicel,
Document typearticle
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