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Record: oai:ARNO:318990

AuthorF.P. Koumans
TitleNotes on Gobioid Fishes : 9. Notes on the synonymy (continuation of note 8)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractBody elongate, high, strongly compressed, covered with 25—30 scales, ctenoid on most parts of the body, cycloid on nape, breast and belly. Head compressed, scaled above behind the eyes with large scales; the first unpaired one in the median line behind eye is not much enlarged. Operculum scaled with large scales. Nape without fleshy crest. Bony interorbital less than 1 eye-diameter. Maxillary prolonged to behind the eye or not prolonged (sexual dimorphism?). Mouth oblique. Teeth in several rows, outer row a little enlarged, some teeth caninoid. Tongue rounded to truncate. A number of short mucous canals radiate under eye, 1—2 longitudinal mucous canals over cheeks. One open pore on each side medially of posterior nostril, 3 in interorbital space, one behind each eye, some along posterior margin of preoperculum. Gillopenings extend to a little below base of P. Isthmus moderate. Dorsal fins separate. D. 1 VI; D. 2 I. 6—7; A. I. 6—7. V. united, oblong, under P. P. without free rays. C. rounded, as long as or shorter than head.
Type of genus: Lophogobius chrysosoma Blkr.
This genus is closely allied to Stigmatogobius and Pseudogobiopsis, but differs in the highly compressed form of the body. In its form of body it is allied to Lophogobius Gill, so that Bleeker brought his species chrysosoma to Lophogobius. Having seen the type species of Lophogobius, Gobius crista galli C. & V. = cyprinoides Pallas, I am certain that Lophogobius Gill is quite another genus, for it has a crest on the nape and the median part of head behind the eyes is naked.
Cyprinogobius is closely allied to Ostreogobius Whitley, type species Gillichthys australis Ogilby, but differs from the description of this species
Document typearticle
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