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Record: oai:ARNO:319082

AuthorsJ.H. Jurriaanse, J. Lindemans
TitleA new Cethosia-form from Boeton
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractProf. J. F. van Bemmelen in Groningen has presented for the collection Jurriaanse a beautiful male Cethosia, captured on the isle of Boeton in Nov. '16, by Mr. N. H. Krans, medical officer of the Royal Dutch Navy.
Comparing this Cethosia with specimen in the collection of the Leyden Museum of Natural History, we found there a female, captured on the same isle by Mr. T. Elbert in 1909. As it happened that this specimen was also quite different from all others and no descriptions or figures could be traced in the present litterature, we suppose that we have to do here with a new sub-species, closely allied to the species myrina Feldr.
Dr. van Oort the director of said Museum has been kind enough to lend this female specimen for description.
The following characteristics indicate those specimen: With this form the discal white spot on the hind-wing is missing (which spot is identical with the Cethosia spec. from Celebes), only the female shows there a somewhat lighter shade.
Contrary to myrina, where the post-discal band is composed of a row of more or less heart-shaped spots, the male and female show here a band of fairly equal width, only broken at the nervures.
We think we have to do with a new sub-species of the genus Cethosia and propose to name it: Cethosia myrina Bemmeleni.
Male. Upperside, fore wing: The cell crossed by alternate bands of reddish brown and black. The post-discal part between veins 7 and 2 with long light gray streaks on blackish, a single sub-terminal band of narrow brownish gray lines parallel to outer margin. The terminal part
Document typearticle
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