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Record: oai:ARNO:319132

AuthorJ.T. Wiebes
TitleIndo-malayan and Papuan fig wasps (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) : 2. The genus Pleistodontes Saunders (Agaonidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractUntil now, the genus Pleistodontes Saunders is known from the Australian continent and from Lord Howe Island. Two species were introduced into the Hawaiian Islands.
Samples of fig wasps from New Guinea and from the Solomon Islands were sent to me by Mr. E. J. H. Corner. They proved to consist of new species of Pleistodontes, which are described below. In addition, some new records of Australian species, mostly taken from the collection of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association ("H.S.P.A."), Honolulu, are given, and the type species of the genus is redescribed. The records and "descriptions" by Girault are not considered in the present paper, as the typical material is being studied by Mr. E. F. Riek.
A discussion on the host records follows the descriptions of the species.
Pleistodontes blandus spec. nov.
Material. — Eight immature ♀, 14 ♂, ex Ficus glandifera Summerh. (det. E. J. H.
Corner), Solomon Is., leg. Kajewski, no. 3494; coll. Museum Leiden, no. 438; holotype, ♂, slide no. 438b, allotype, ♀, slide 438a, paratypes, ♀ ♂, slides 438c, d.
Description. — Male. Head (fig. 10) distinctly longer than its maximum width, and nearly twice as long as wide anteriorly; with the usual pubescence next to the antennal groove and behind the hypostomal margin. Eyes large.
Mandible, fig. 9. Labium and maxillae (fig. 6): the labium bare, the maxillae with two long hairs on the ventral lobes. Antenna, fig. 8. The scape twice as long as wide, with some hairs on the antaxial surface; the pedicel thrice as long as wide, about half as long as the scape, with one antaxial hair at mid length; the third and fourth segments subequal, incompletely separated, the third segment with two antaxial hairs, the fourth with one
Document typearticle
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