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Record: oai:ARNO:319143

AuthorP.H. van Doesburg
TitleNotes on Velocipedidae (Heteroptera)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe present paper comprises the descriptions of the male of Bloeteomedes borneensis Van Doesburg, and Bloeteomedes sarawakensis nova species. I am greatly indebted to Dr. W. J. Knight and Mr. W. R. Dolling for the loan of the specimens, and for their kind assistance during my stay in the British Museum (Natural History) to which the specimens belong.
Bloeteomedes borneensis Van Doesburg (figs. 1, 5-8) One male specimen, very similar to the female but somewhat smaller.
Antennal seta (on second segment) situated on 0.29 part from apex. In the holotype this is 0.27 and not 3/14 as was wrongly mentioned in the description. Ninth segment (genital capsule, figs. 6, 8) broad, rounded, slightly produced posteriorly; posterior margin of genital cavity turned-up, bisinuate and slightly excavated medially as seen from behind. Paramere (fig. 7) short, S-shaped, with a broad, flattened and finely punctated apical hook.
Measurements (in mm): total length including wings 12.2; width 5.35; length of pronotum 2.56, width 4.12; width of head over eyes 1.56; width between eyes 0.83.
Data on labels: Sarawak, foot of Mt. Dulit, Junction of rivers Tinjes & Lejok, 7.IX.1933 — old secondary forest — on bark of felled tree — Oxford Univ. Exp. B. M. Hobby & A. W. Moore. B.M. 1933-254.
Bloeteomedes sarawakensis nova species (figs. 2-4, 9-11) This species of which two males are available, has a close resemblance to B. borneensis but differs in the following respects. Somewhat smaller and darker, the light patches on the costal margins of the fore wings much more conspicuous. Unpigmented apical part of second antennal segment occupying about 1/4 (0.23) part of its length. Antennal seta situated respectively on
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