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Record: oai:ARNO:319319

AuthorsH. Nijssen, I.J.H. Isbrücker
TitleNotes on the Guiane species of Corydoras Lacépède, 1803, with descriptions of seven new species and designation of a neotype for Corydoras punctatus (Bloch, 1794) — (Pisces, Cypriniformes, Callichthyidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe present paper deals with the species Corydoras punctatus (Bloch, I794), for which a neotype is designated; C. melanistius Regan, 1912, C. spilurus Norman, 1926, and C. griseus deweyeri Meinken, 1957, for which lectotypes are designated; С. aeneus (Gill, 1858), C. potaroensis Myers, 1927, C. bondi Gosline, 1940, С. osteocarus Böhlke, 1951, C. bicolor nov. spec., C. boesemani nov. spec., C. dubius nov. spec., C. oxyrhynchus nov. spec., C. nanus nov. spec., C. sanchesi nov. spec., and C. wotroi nov. spec.
Document typearticle
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