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Record: oai:ARNO:319336

AuthorC. de Jong
TitleNotes on Cerambycidae : I - XIV
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractUnder the above title I intend to publish a number of short notes on Cerambycidae, including synonymies, descriptions of new species, etc. For the greater part the material on which these notes are based is from the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden. In other cases the collections are always indicated. Each set of notes published together will be arranged according to Aurivillius in Coleopterorum Catalogus (JunkSchenkling), parts 52, 39, 73 and 74.
DE JONG (PRIONINAE, PRIONINI) Rhaphipodus drescheri De Jong (fig. 1a and b) Rhaphipodus drescheri De Jong, 1936, Zool. Med., vol. 19, p. 77.
When studying some Cerambycidae in the collections of the Amsterdam Zoological Museum I found three specimens, 2 ♀♀ and 1 ♂, of the herementioned species from the same locality, Noesa Kembangan, and apparently belonging to the original series of specimens, all collected by Mr. F.
C. Drescher. I would not have mentioned this find had not the measurements been varying from those given in the original description. Especially the male is larger than those I saw before. The data are as follows: These measurements agree in their proportions with those given before.
In the ♀♀ the antennae reach the middle of the length of the elytra, in the ♂ they are longer and reach the base of the apical third.
Some details which were not given in the original description may be added here.
The prosternum (fig. 1) is finely and evenly punctulated on its whole surface except on a narrow strip along the anterior and internal margins
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