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Record: oai:ARNO:319384

AuthorR. Horst
TitleOn a remarkable polynoid-worm Weberia pustulata nov. gen. nov. spec. from the Malayan Abyss
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractAt the Stations 45 and 314, north off Soembawa, in a depth of 694 and 794 m, the Siboga-expedition dredged three specimens of Polynoïnae that cannot be identified with any species, hitherto described. Unfortunately they are somewhat incomplete, for the elytra as well as most of the cirri are absent. One of the specimens, a female containing ripe eggs, measures nearly 20 mm. in length and has about 40 segments. The head is rounded, broader as long, prolonged anteriorly into the two stout basal joints of the lateral antennae, that are nearly as long as the head, whereas their distal part is only a trifle longer; the species therefore belongs to the group of Lepidonotidae 1). From the middle of the head a large basal joint of the tentacle arises, but its distal part is absent. The palps are stumpy, conical. No eyes are visible. Each segment bears a papilliform tubercle in the middle of the dorsum; this series in combination with the longitudinal rows of dorsal tubercles, elytrophores, cirriphores and notopodia gives the
Document typearticle
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