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Record: oai:ARNO:429515

AuthorsF. Lens, L. Cooper, M.A. Gandolfo, A. Groover, P. Jaiswal, B. Lachenbruch, R. Spicer, M.E. Staton, D.W. Stevenson, R.L. Walls, J. Wegrzyn
TitleAn extension of the Plant Ontology project supporting wood anatomy and development research
JournalIAWA Journal
KeywordsPlant Ontology; wood anatomy and development; plant morphology; structured vocabulary; database resource
AbstractThe Wood Ontology project will provide a structured vocabulary and database resource that will be valuable for all scientists, including the IAWA community. To maximizethe utility of the resource and analyses it empowers, it is important for researchers to adopt the use of the ontology terms in the collection and dissemination of their data. The PO website (www.plantontology.org) is the main portal for the Plant Ontology, and presents the current version.
Document typearticle
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