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Record: oai:ARNO:503178

AuthorsJan H. Stock, Arthur G. Humes
TitleCopepoda associated with Echinoidea from the West Indies
JournalStudies on the Natural History of the Caribbean Region
KeywordsEchinoidea.; West Indies; Associated Copepoda; Asterocheridae; Pseudanthessiidae
AbstractStock, J.H. & A.G. Humes. Copepoda associated with Echinoidea from the West Indies. Studies nat. Hist. Caribbean Region 72, Amsterdam, 1995: 25-46. Four species of Copepoda (three Siphonostomatoida, one Poecilostomatoida) are recorded as associates of shallow-water echinoids, from CuraƧao, St. Martin, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. The siphonostomatoids Chelacheres longipalpus and C. optans belong to a new genus and species of the family Asterocheridae. Another species of the same family is provisionally attributed to Asterocheres simulans (T. Scott, 1898), previously recorded from Europe only. A fourth species, of the genus Pseudanthessius (family Pseudanthessiidae), belongs to a new species, Ps. exilicornis.
Document typearticle
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