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Record: oai:ARNO:503188

AuthorWolfgang Sterrer
TitleGnathostomulida from the (sub)tropical northwestern Atlantic
JournalStudies on the Natural History of the Caribbean Region
Keywordsnew species.; Marine; free-living; meiofauna; taxonomy new genera
AbstractSterrer, W., 1997. Gnathostomulida from the (sub)tropical northwestern Atlantic. Studies Nat. Hist. Caribbean Region 74, Amsterdam, 1998: 1-178. Based on 1035 specimens of Gnathostomulida from 106 samples collected during the period 1968-1997 in the tropical and subtropical northwestern Atlantic, 45 species are presented, including one new family (Paucidentulidae nov. fam.), two new genera ( Vampyrognathia nov. gen. and Paucidentula nov. gen.), and 13 new species: Haplognathia belizensis, Cosmognathia aquila, Pterognathia alcicornis, P. pygmaea, Mesognatharia eastwardiae, Onychognathia rhombocephala, Vampyrognathia horribilis, V. minor, Paucidentula anonyma, Gnathostomula uncinata, Triplignathia (?) bathycola, Austrognatharia medusifera, and A. stirialis.
Document typearticle
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