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Record: oai:ARNO:503234

AuthorA.L. Stoffers
JournalFlora of the Netherlands Antilles
AbstractAnnual or perennial herbs, with milky or coloured juice. Leaves alternate, entire or pinnatifid or palmatifid. Stipules wanting. Flowers usually solitary, hermaphrodite, actinomorphic. Sepals 2, rarely 3 or 4, free, very caducous. Petals 4, rarely more or wanting, free, imbricate, deciduous. Stamens numerous; filaments free, filiform; anthers 2-celled, with longitudinal dehiscence. Ovary superior, unilocular, with 2—16, sometimes protruding, parietal placentas; style obsolete; stigmas as many as the carpels, opposite or alternating with the placentas. Ovules numerous or only one central ovule. Fruit a capsule, opening by pores or valves, rarely indehiscent. Seeds small, with a crested smooth raphe or arillate. Embryo minute. Endosperm fleshy or oily. About 250 species in 28 genera, mostly in the temperate and subtropical regions of the northern hemisphere.
Document typearticle
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