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Record: oai:ARNO:504257

AuthorM.W.F. Tweedie
TitleThe species of Metopograpsus (Crustacea, Brachyura)
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
AbstractThe most recent comprehensive treatment of this Indo-Pacific genus ยน) is that of TESCH (1918, p. 78-82). Here seven species are recognised with the reservation that M. eydouxi H. Milne Edwards and M. thukuhar (Owen) are possibly not distinct.
In 1936 (TWEEDIE 1936, p. 49) I questioned the validity of the character used to separate M. latifrons (White) and M. maculatus H. M.-E., the relation of carapace length and breadth, and placed maculatus in the synonymy of latifrons.
Document typearticle
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