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Record: oai:ARNO:504381

AuthorYoung Won Jo
TitleTaxonomic studies on Dogielinotidae (Crustacea-Amphipoda) from the Korean coasts
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
AbstractOf forty-eight sandy beach samples from the Korean coasts, twenty-two contained dogielinotid Amphipoda, including four new species of the genus Haustorioides Oldevig, 1958: H. koreanus n. sp., H. latipalpus n. sp., H. nesogenes n. sp., and H. indivisus n. sp. A key to this genus, notes on morphology, distribution and ecology of these four species, and a reconsideration of the genus Eohaustorioides Bousfield & Tzvetkova, 1982 are provided.
Characters considered of major diagnostic importance are found in maxilliped, maxilla 1, gnathopods, pereiopods 5, 6 and 7, pleopods, uropods, epimeral plates, oostegites, and telson.
Document typearticle
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