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Record: oai:ARNO:504413

AuthorsJean Giudicelli, Mohamed Dakki
TitleLes Agapetus du Maroc — description de deux espèces nouvelles (Trichoptera, Glossosomatidae)
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
AbstractThree species of Agapetus have been collected in the Middle and in the High Atlas (Morocco): A. fuscus Vaillant, 1954, previously known from Algeria, and two new species.
Agapetus dolichopterus n. sp. is a small species; it shows the most pronounced reduction in wing venation among the Agapetus species.
Agapetus berbericus n. sp. is closely related to A. numidicus Vaillant, 1954, and probably also to A. incertulus Mac- Lachlan, 1884.
Larvae of A. dolichopterus and of A. fuscus were collected in fairly cold waters; those of A. dolichopterus were only found in springs. The immature stages of A. berbericus live in warmer waters, between 18 and 25.5° C.
Document typearticle
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