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Record: oai:ARNO:504426

AuthorP. Wagenaar Hummelinck
TitleAbout the malacological subdivision of Curaçao; a review
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
KeywordsCuraçao; sea level changes; land mollusks; Cerion; Brachypodella; Tudora
AbstractBurrington Baker (1924) states that Curaçao can be divided into three distinct faunal areas. Stock (1977) mentions the occurrence of three subspecies of hadziid amphipods almost exclusively confined to different parts of Curaçao. The results of a study of the distribution on this island of various subspecies of the gastropods Cerion uva, Brachypodella raveni, Tudora megacheilos and T. rupis, however, do not support the hypothesis of a tripartite Curaçao.
Document typearticle
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