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Record: oai:ARNO:504557

AuthorKlaus Odening
TitleExkretionssystem und systematische Stellung Kubanischer Fledermaustrematoden
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
Abstract1. Eight species of Cuban bat trematodes have been examined, and their excretory system established. 2. In Urotrema scabridum Braun a small V-shaped excretory bladder and the flame cell formula 2[(2+ 2+2) + (2+2+2)] were ascertained. This enabled us to affiliate the family Urotrematidae to the Microphalloidea sensu Odening (1964) within the suborder Plagiorchiata. A new key to the families of the Microphalloidea is given. 3. The genus Ochoterenatrema characterized by a pseudogonotyl is divided into the two subgenera Ochoterenatrema (with pretesticular vitellaria) and Morenodendrium n.subgen. (with posttesticular vitellaria). Both subgenera have a V-shaped excretory bladder and the flame cell formula is 2[(2+2+2) + (2+2+2)], as stated for the species O. (O.) diminutum (Chandler) and O. (M.) pricei (Pérez Vigueras) n.comb. 4. Keys for determinating all known species are given together with the description of a Parabascus and two Postorchigenes species. The flame cell formulas tally with all the hitherto known formulas of both genera: 2[(2+2+2) + (2+2+2)]. 5. The species Limatulum solitarium Pérez Vigueras is regarded preliminarily as valid, all Cuban findings of Limatulum are attributed to it. The flame cell formula is 2[(2+2+2)+(2+2+2)]. 6. In the fish-eating bat Noctilio leporinus mastivus a Pygidiopsis species (Heterophyidae) occurs, the flame cell formula of which is 2[(2+2+2) + (2+ 2+2)].
Document typearticle
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