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Record: oai:ARNO:504606

AuthorL.F. de Beaufort
TitleFishes of the eastern part of the Indo-Australian Archipelago with remarks on its zoogeography
JournalBijdragen tot de Dierkunde
AbstractThe collection of fishes, brought together during my voyage in the eastern part of the Indo-Australian Archipelago in 1909—1910, consists of about 1700 specimens belonging to nearly 270 species, of which 9 were apparently new to science. 7 of these I have described previously, viz.: Rhombatractus catherinae in: Zool. Anz. XXXVI. p. 250, while the following gobies have been described in: Zool. Anz. XXXIX. p. 136: Gobius (Cryptocentrus) stigmatophorus, Gobius (Rhinogobius) scapulopunctatus, Schismatogobius bruynisi, Sicyopus multisquamatus, Sicyopterus brevis, Sicyopterus longifilis.
Doryrhamphus brevidorsalis and Gobius oyensi are described here for the first time.
Document typearticle
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