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Record: oai:ARNO:504684

AuthorA.J. de Boer
TitleScottotympana, a new Cicad genus from New Guinea, with the description of three new species, their taxonomy and biogeography (Homoptera, Tibicinidae)
AbstractThe genus Scottotympana is erected for three species: S. biardae n. sp. and S. sahebdivanii n. sp. from northern New Guinea and S. huibregtsae n. sp. from North-East New Guinea and New Britain. The genus belongs to a complex of genera grouped around Baeturia Stål and is most closely related to the genera Gymnotympana Stål and Venustria Coding & Froggatt of this complex. A key to the males and a map of distribution are presented. The distribution of the genus suggests an Outer Melanesian Arc pattern.
Document typearticle
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