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Record: oai:ARNO:504699

AuthorR. Bregman
TitleTaxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of the tridentigera group of the genus Chremistica Stål, 1870 (Homoptera, Cicadidae)
AbstractThe tridentigera group is one of four groups within the genus Chremistica Stål, 1870. Its monophyly is based upon genitalia characters. The group comprises 11 species, of which 4 are redescribed and 3 are described as new ( (C. minor, C. siamensis, C. biloba). The remaining 4 species are endemic to the Philippines and are not redescribed. A key to the males, distribution maps, a phylogenetic reconstruction and a historical biogeographic hypothesis are presented. The tridentigera group is distributed in Southern India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Malaya, Sumatra, Kalimantan and the Philippines.
Document typearticle
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