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Record: oai:ARNO:504703

AuthorA.J. de Boer
TitleAedeastria, a new cicada genus from New Guinea, its phylogeny and biogeography (Homoptera, Tibicinidae), preceded by a discussion on the taxonomy of New Guinean Tibicinidae
AbstractCharacters in male genitalia suggest that several New Guinean and Australian genera of the family Tibicinidae form a monophyletic taxon, indicated here as the “ Baeturia and related genera complex”. A new genus, Aedeastria, forms part of this complex and is erected for two New Guinean species: Aedeastria cobrops n. sp. from Sorong (Cendrawasih) and Aedeastria sepia n. sp. from Cendrawasih, Roon Island and north New Guinea. The phylogenetic position of Aedeastria is discussed and some remarks are made on the biogeography of this genus in relation to the geologic origin of Cendrawasih.
Document typearticle
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