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Record: oai:ARNO:504713

AuthorGünther Theischinger
TitleNeue taxa von Lunatipula Edwards aus der mediterranen Subregion der Palaearktis (Diptera, Tipulidae, Tipula Linnaeus). IV. Fortsetzung
Abstract13 new species and two new subspecies of Lunatipula Edwards are described. The new taxa are: Tipula (Lunatipula) mallorca from Mallorca, T. (L.) bimacula minos from Crete, T. (L.) simova from Thasos, T. (L.) artemis asiaeminoris, T. (L.) christophi, T. (L.) franzressli, T. (L.) horsti, T. (L.) huberti, T. (L.) neutra, T. (L.) ornithogona, and T. (L.) renate, T. (L.) trapeza T. (L.) ulrike from Turkey, and T. (L.) kinzelbachi and T. (L.) leeuweni from Syria. Also presented are the females of T. (L.) sciurus Theischinger and T. (L.) sigma Theischinger. Information on the geographical variation of some species is supplied. New records of a few very little known species are given. All but 2 holotypes, and some paratypes are lodged at Zoölogisch Museum Amsterdam (ZMA), 2 holotypes at Zoologische Staatssammlung München (ZSM), the other specimens in the collection of the author (GT).
Document typearticle
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