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Record: oai:ARNO:504717

AuthorP.J.H. van Bree
TitleOn extralimital records of arctic seals (Mammalia, Pinnipedia) on the Westeuropean continental coast in the past and at present – a summary
KeywordsNorth Atlantic arctic pinnipeds; extralimital records; Westeuropean continental coast; Phoca groenlandica; Phoca hispida; Cystophora cristata; Erignathus barbatus; Odobenus rosmarus
AbstractIn the past extralimital finds of arctic seals on the Westeuropean continental coast (northern Denmark to southern Spain) were rarely recorded. At present much more cases are known. According to the author this is due to more naturalists visiting the coasts, more and better identification manuals, the creation of seal rehabilitation centres where ill and abandoned baby seals were brought to and yearly published lists of marine mammals found on the coasts. The last two developments gave rise to networks of interested collaborators and thus to increased awareness.
Document typearticle
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