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Record: oai:ARNO:504724

AuthorArthur G. Humes
TitleDistribution and hosts of Stellicola (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) associated with Linckia (Asteroidea) in the Indo-West Pacific
AbstractFive lichomolgid copepods belonging to the genus Stellicola are reported from three species of the sea star genus Linckia in the Moluccas: Stellicola flexilis n. sp. from Linckia guildingi. L. laevigata, and L. multiflora, S. caeruleus (Stebbing, 1900) from L. laevigata, L. guildingi, and L. multiflora, S. illgi Humes & Stock, 1973, from L. laevigata, S. novaecaledoniae Humes, 1976, from L. laevigata, L. multiflora, and L. guildingi, and S. pollex from L. laevigata, L. guildingi, and L. multiflora. The distribution and hosts of Stellicola on Linckia in the Indo-West Pacific are summarized.
Document typearticle
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