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Record: oai:ARNO:504763

AuthorChristopher J. Glasby
TitleA new species of Namanereis (Polychaeta: Nereididae: Namanereidinae) in groundwater of the sultanate of Oman, Arabian peninsula
KeywordsSultanate of Oman; Arabian peninsula; freshwater Polychaeta; Nereididae; Namanereidinae; Namanereis; new species
AbstractA new species of namanereid polychaete, Namanereis araps n. sp., is described from groundwater of the Sultanate of Oman. It occurs in fresh groundwater of natural springs, man-made water channels (falaj) and dry stream beds (wadis) in recently uplifted limestone areas of the south-eastern Arabian peninsula. This is the first species of Namanereis recorded from the coast of the northern Indian Ocean. Namanereis araps n. sp. most closely resembles the Caribbean species Namanereis hummelincki (Augener, 1933).
Document typearticle
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