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Record: oai:ARNO:504781

AuthorPjotr Oosterbroek
TitleThe western palaearctic species of Nephrotoma Meigen, 1803 (Diptera, Tipulidae). Part 3
AbstractThis study deals with the dorsalis group and the brevipennis group. The western palaearctic members of the dorsalis group are N. dorsalis dorsalis (Fabricius, 1781), N. quadristriata (Schummel, 1833), N. lunulicornis lunulicornis (Schummel, 1833), N. scurra (Meigen, 1818), N. austriaca (Mannheims & Theowald, 1959), and N. helvetica (Mannheims & Theowald, 1959). The eastern palaearctic subspecies dorsalis sachalina Alexander, 1924, and lunulicornis angustistria Alexander, 1925, are briefly discussed. A description is provided of N. profunda Alexander, 1935, formerly treated as a subspecies of scurra.
The brevipennis group assembles the Nephrotoma species from Madeira, N. brevipennis (Wollaston, 1858), N. lucida (Schiner, 1868), and N. antithrix (Mannheims, 1962). N. lucida is taken out of synonymy with brevipennis.
Document typearticle
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