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Record: oai:ARNO:504797

AuthorArthur G. Humes
TitleA review of the copepods associated with holothurians, including new species from the Indo-Pacific
AbstractCopepods associated with Holothuroidea are listed with their hosts and brief characterizations. A key to the genera of these copepods is provided. Twelve new species from the Indo-Pacific are described: Calypsarion bilobatum n. sp. from probably Holothuria atra, Chauliolobion imparile n. sp. from Bohadschia argus, Chauliolobion forcipatum n. sp. from Stichopus chloronotus, Chauliolobion tectuliferum n. sp. from Thelenota ananas, Lecanurius planifrontalis n. sp. from Actinopyga echinites and Actinopyga miliaris, Scambicornus batiolatus n. sp. from Holothuria atra and Thelenota ananas, Scambicormis disparilis n. sp. from Holothuria atra, Scambicornus proluxus n. sp. from Holothuria edulis, Scambicornus retrospiculus n. sp. from Stichopus variegatus, Scambicornus sentifer n. sp. from Labidodemas semperianum, Nanaspis boholensis n. sp. from Stichopus variegatus, and Nanaspis moluccana n. sp. from Stichopus chloronotus. New host records for Scambicornus idoneus, Scambicornus lobulatus, Scambicornus modestus, Scambicornus poculiferus, Stellicola holothuriae, and Nanaspis tonsa, and new distribution records for 14 other species are included. Stellicola holothuriae (Ummerkutty, 1962) is redescribed from specimens found on Opheodesoma spectabilis. Keys to the species of Chauliolobion, Scambicornus, and Nanaspis are provided. Aspects of copepod-holothurian associations are discussed.
Document typearticle
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