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Record: oai:ARNO:504801

AuthorJ.H. Stock
TitleBomolochus soleae Claus, 1864 and B. confusus n. sp.: two hitherto confounded parasitic copepods, with remarks on some other Bomolochus species
AbstractWhile studying the parasitic copepods of the Dutch Waddensea, at the Zoological Station Den Helder, I came across a species of Bomolochus from the gills of the Black Sole, Solea solea (L.). Except for the second leg, the various appendages resembled those of B. soleae CLAUS, as figured by TH. & A. SCOTT in their Ray Society Monograph (1912—13). According to them, the endopod of the second leg has narrow joints, like the exopod. They stated that the second and third leg have about the same structure. In my material, however, the endopod of the second leg has widened joints; second and third legs have, therefore, quite a different aspect.
Of TH. and A. SCOTT’S material, 2 samples remained**) in the collections of the British Museum (Natural History), Londen. The specimens proved to be quite distinct from the Dutch ones, differing not only in the structure of the second leg, but also in several other, less striking, characters.
Document typearticle
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