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Record: oai:ARNO:504815

AuthorP.A.A. Loof
TitleThe Nematode Collection of Dr. J.G. de Man 1
AbstractOne of the pioneers of nematology was the Dutch zoologist Dr. J. G. DE MAN (1850—1930). His contribution to this science consisted of 44 papers (VAN BENTHEM JUTTING, 1951), which were largely taxonomic and faunistic in character. The total number of new nematode genera described by him is 50, of new species 229.
Apart from the publication on marine nematodes from the Gulf of Naples (DE MAN, 1876—c), his earlier papers (1876—a, 1880, 1881 and 1884) are devoted to the free-living, soil and freshwater nematodes of the Netherlands, while his later publications also deal with marine forms and are not confined to the Dutch fauna.
Document typearticle
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